dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Sputtering towards the Settlepocalypse....

I've spent the last few months trying to figure out what the last five and a half months of the new format remind me of and I just now figured it out: it reminds me of being stuck in a traffic jam. I get the same frustrating feeling sitting in a crowded bus moving forward a few inches only to stop and get thrown backward into the seat as I do reading the latest installments of Foob. Just when you think Bus Driver Lynn is finally moving the plot forward so we can reach our destination, Settlepocalypse Plaza, she stops and we lurch into either another random series of old strips that have nothing to do with the supposed premise or an inconclusive slice of modern-day life. The cause is simple: she only has one open plot thread left and it can be wrapped up in the space of about a month or two. I can see spending two weeks on the proposal, another two or three on the final confrontation with Warren and Thérèse and three more on the low-key, simple, at-home ceremony Lynn has been broadly hinting at for the last five years. The reason for the jarring journey to that non-descript conclusion is that Lynn has no real idea how to fill the rest of the strip's time. In her mind, everyone else's story is over. They're just marking time till Labor Day so Elly can muse on How They Got There, thereby setting up the time-freeze wherein they're in permanent flash-back mode. My advice: stock up on Gravol.
Tags: the dreaded hybrid

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