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The favor bankers of 1989.

As we all know, the Pattersons have a distorted and diseased idea of who has a moral obligation to whom in a relationship and it takes the form of angrily reminding helpless children that they're 'actually' indentured servants who owe their parents for feeding, clothing and housing them. I ascribe this appalling mental lapse to John and Elly not having matured past the age of five morally. Intellectually, they might be bitter old people whining that life has passed them by but morally speaking, it's really rather obvious that they're a bunch of really God-damned selfish four year old brats who react to the demands of parenthood by throwing a fucking temper tantrum because they can't have all the ice cream.

Oh, sure, they dress it up and talk about 'teaching their children responsibility' and 'instilling within them good work habits' but at the end of the day, Johnny Jump-Up and Li'l El are still too damned young mentally to understand that their viewpoint is not the only one and that how they feel is not why people do things. The remedy that most immediately presents itself is locking them up in an adult day-care centre (i.e. the Crowbar Hilton) for stupidity and getting adult human beings to raise the children.
Tags: john and elly fail parenting forever, ogres are us

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