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Further reflections on Mrs Grunion.

To continue merrily on with my look at this years' one-off antagonist, let's take a closer look at what form her antagonism took. As you will see, it consists of warning children not to misbehave and backing up her promise by warning an offending child that if she does something else stupid, she's off the bus for a week and then confiscating an offending item and asking her to write a letter of apology so she can think about what she did wrong and why it's wrong.

If that sounds like something over-the-top cruel that is worse than demanding money then the Statue of Liberty overlooks the Marianas Trench. The problem is that Liz thinks that being asked to apologize is the worst thing ever not only because she overheard her idiot mother explain that if she ever did apologize to anyone about anything, that person would have license to walk all over her and she could never resist because she'd surrendered her power by saying that she was sorry, she has no idea what a normal punishment is because of what she's used to.

You see, she lives in a world wherein Elly imposes arbitrary, stupid and down-right weird punishments on children who bug her because she doesn't care about their feelings or who is right or wrong or anything that would involve the evil of being part of their lives and thus being reduced to the status of 'useless infant who can't matter' and the end result is that we end up with adults who don't know how normal people behave. Liz's living in fear of leases and belief that Therese used her jealousy powers to make her slip on ice stem from being handed ice cream she doesn't like for not listening to Mommy.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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