dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

T is for Tracey.

The interesting thing about Gordon's doomed fixation on Alyson is that it allowed Lynn to not only display her active hatred for the popular girls, it afforded her the first opportunity to show us her vision of the ideal relationship for everyone who isn't Elly. Elly appears to the positive and Annie the negative exceptions to the rule I'm thinking and the story ended when Liz learned to stop worrying and accept this rule. Said rule is that which ever person you meet that's of the same 'kind' you are in kindergarten is your one and forever Twoo Wuv who you're supposed to marry and have the same sort of wedded 'bliss' that Elly has.

We see this in about half a years' time when having observed that for some obscure reason that has nothing to do with those repulsive fits he throws in her presense, Alyson doesn't give Gordon the time of day, asks him why he doesn't date Tracey Wells who at least acknowledges their common humanity. Gordon pretty much does the same blasted thing Lizardbreath does and balks at the idea but Mike will not be denied. The part of him that thinks that he's cheating on Deanna with Martha insists that this will work and when it does, someone comes to the conclusion that Liz must share in the miracle of marrying a grade school sweetheart. Simply put, Mike helped pave the way for the Settlepocalypse.
Tags: gordo, settlenuptuals, tracey

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