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The blame evasion condundrum.

Of course, Mrs Grunion isn't the only actor in this drama whose motives aren't what Liz thinks they are. What seems obvious to us, the audience, is that Elizabeth is reacting mostly to the woman's stern visage and threatening words and not to her less than terrifying actions because she's a naive kid who doesn't get nuance at all well. What impresses me as being the other side of the problem is what drives the idiots she miscalls friends: the need to make her into the same sort of prank monkey her older brother is.

I've spent a lot of time talking about how Mike is a pathetic zero so desperate to fit in and be accepted that he'll take any sort of dare from people who hold out lying promises of friendships only to stand around looking stupid and betrayed when they reveal their true colours and sell him out to the man. We saw it last year, as a matter of fact. We see the same damned thing Friday when they goad her into tossing the damned teddy bear at the bus driver only to go "Who, US?" when Liz gets into shit for it. When Liz tries explaining that she's pissed off at Christopher for daring her, Dawn whines about how she can't do that because she took the dare because playground rules go away when having to admit blame for them rears its ugly head. You see, for some odd reason, children don't like being told that if you make something impossible to resist, you gotta admit you did so instead of being a cowardly rat bastard idiot about it.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn wanted to make Liz her own idiot and decided to have her react repeatedly to the same external threat to respecting her mothers' opinion: Candace. This means that instead of secondary antagonist, Dawn took on the role of fellow sufferer. The reason for this is that it allows Elly to hide why she resents peer pressure by having her make an insincere speech about how Elizabeth should do what she herself wants to do instead of what someone trying to exert power over her wants her to do. I'll explain why that is next when I talk about a Halloween costume, a boy who doesn't want to get teased and a mother who refuses to get angry.
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