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On remembering what she used to look like.

The interesting thing about this last year before April is that a previously-introduced anxiety really starts to make its presence felt when they finally figure out why it is that Liz doesn't do well in school. This is because in eight months' time, they're finally going to realize that she's always needed corrective lenses because she's inherited not only John's fairer hair but also his near-sightedness. This causes Elizabeth to panic because she thinks that her parents are trying to make her look ugly because they don't really care about her happiness when she should actually be panicking about Elly standing around caterwauling about how she's a selfish child who hates her poor mother when something bad happens to the spectacles.

While John tries to smooth things over with Liz on this particular because for once, he can actually willingly relate to her concerns, his envy-driven need to join Elly in the pants-on-head stupid belief that the hardships teen-agers faced when he was a kid were abolished when he graduated high school tend to get in the way of his being an effective, supportive parent. Normally, we get speeches about problem hair because she's not performing her assigned task of grinning vacuously to make him feel better about being gainfully employed or ignoring the underlying cause for something that bothers him to impose a purely mechanical solution because the big mope is always afraid that yeah, HE is the bad guy who needs someone to come along and knee him in the groin for being a moron. It's simpler to jam braces in her mouth that make her feel even shittier about being a middle child than try to reassure her that no, they didn't stop loving her now that they have a new baby. 
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