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The mentor gap.

Of course, Mrs Grunion is simply another person who makes the mistake of assuming that the problem of bad behaviour is extrinsic instead of intrinsic and if children were simply to follow the right leader, they wouldn't have the impulse to do stupid, destructive things. This presents us with the loopy idea that being a moral person is simply a matter of inserting Tab A into Slot B and thus being a good person on the cheap.

This is all kinds of nuts because as any major dude will tell you, Liz wouldn't have pegged Mrs G if she didn't already have the impulse to do so baked into her psyche. What most of the cast don't see is that what they assume is being a nice little girl is really being a nasty little girl who simply wants to avoid getting punished because she fears the consequences. A truly good person would not want to throw Super Teddy at anyone but as we see, Liz grows up to think stupid crap about how Warren is an uncaring monster who's toying with her when he says hurtful things about how he doesn't own his chopper and will get in shit with his boss for joyriding to placate a flighty dimwit.

This means that whatever proxies who ended up having to raise her because her mom and dad couldn't be asked to failed her in a way they didn't fail Mike or April. Those two might have the same entitlement issues and problems dealing with envy she has but they both have a residual concept of a morality that extends beyond their own needs. She does not. This means that the only thing holding her marriage together is Anthony's fear of admitting to having played his cards execrably.
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