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The real problem with problem hair

Of course, the reason that Liz got terrible advice from people is that they didn't actually know what was wrong with her in the first place. To be able to deliver the right advice, one must after all know what the problem that the person has is and since Liz is terrible at expressing herself because of an erroneous dread of maternal mayhem, the Miss Edwardses of the world are going to accidentally hand her an excuse for looking down on more popular girls.

The example that comes readiest to mind is an unintended consequence of Elly packing another child off to Exile Farm to be lectured about being spoiled and also to be abstinence cop. What had happened is that instead of being a 'good' friend and putting her life on hold until Lizardbreath got back, Dawn had started hanging around with other girls and, as one could expect, the dozy dollop just could not deal because she never really ever outgrew the idea that people should just drop everything to fawn over her. Here was Dawn living her life and there was Liz sitting on her island whining to herself that people who actually get off of their asses and do things with their lives have things happen to them.

This leads us to the real reason why a Patterson never actually says what he or she is really thinking to someone. It's better for Liz to make incoherent chatter about not looking average than it is to say "I went away and my friend Dawn made another friend and that makes me feel bad because the only friend she should have is ME and holy shit.....people are right to call me an entitled little snot." because some things are so stupid that their stupidity is obvious to the stupid people who think them.
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