dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ducking the Settlepocalypse: Lynn's master plan.

Yesterday's post presupposes an increasingly untenable idea. Instead of Lynn taking time away from her poorly-conceived domestic comedy that combines Michael's inability to cope with his children's behavior with a frantic jumble of strips from 1980 that support some inane point he wants to make to show us the one plotline she left dangling and show us Liz and Anthony's proposal and wedding in real time, it seems more and more likely that she'll spend at most the last two weeks of the first run strips seeing Liz and Anthony Caine discuss with Elly their proposal on Christmas Night ("Let's go home") and marriage way back in February. That would neatly parallel Liz's attempts to explain to Candace how and why his first marriage collapsed. This is because she's far more interested in churning out piecework about things like Meredith gloating to Robin about her fancy new big-kid bed to the applause of Kool-Aid Nation than she is telling her story properly. If we want a blow-by-blow account, we'll have to read it on her webpage or buy the Tome of Destiny. She certainly isn't going to waste her time telling it in the strip.
Tags: lizthony, the dreaded hybrid

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