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On the imbecile narcissism of minor differences.

As we know, the last arc of the pre-pregnancy era was Mike's own personal doomed boating misadventure with Martha's family. The MacRae family were depicted as a band of common bridge trolls whose presence Mike had to endure (which foreshadowed his pointless and self-destructive battle for supremacy with Mira and angered confusion when asked to spend time with a father in law he couldn't see himself having a thing in common with) and they established their villainous and unsympathetic nature by (as one could expect) being functionally identical to the Patterson family.

While Mike doesn't notice the parallels because he's too busy feeling like a bug under a magnifying glass, their similarities are rather obvious to me. The paterfamilias Fred is an overconfident buffoon who doesn't listen to his put-upon wife Harriet, their son Stan is a boorish insult dispenser and Martha seeks out the company of men who are bad for her. It'a like Lynn did a Mad Lib of the Pattersons and invited us to give the characters different names or something. While Mike made a mental note about how he could survive what he didn't realize were doppelgangers of his own family because his dad, mom and sister were nuts, he really didn't learn much about what really bothered him about them. It's why he doesn't admit that most of the reason that he clashed with Mira is that she's pretty much Pushy Ethnic Elly Patterson.
Tags: freefloating commentary, mike versus mira

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