dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The false efficiency syndrome.

As you might just remember, long ago, I'd used the phrase "false economy" to describe Elly's habit of buying cheap sheets that pill up in the wash and thus have to be replaced more often than more expensive ones that last longer. This is because common sense tells us that buying ten sets of twenty dollar sheets over a ten year period is a worse investment than a fifty dollar set that lasts a decade. It's why I make noise about her going broke saving money.

The reason that I mention this is that John does something far worse than blow a lot of do thinking he's saving cash because he rarely takes the time to figure out what's actually happening around him. His ignorant babbling about the 'wasteful' habit the criminal justice system has of "finding out what actually happened and why" instead of doing what he does and making a catastrophically stupid snap judgement that is worse than the problem it's meant to solve is predicated on his belief that if he slows down to appraise a situation for what it actually is instead of what his preconceptions tell him it is, he'll have no time to live his life.

This need of his to think of himself of this super-smart and super-efficient guy trying to fix things only to be met with baffling resistance by people who irritate him by telling them that he doesn't actually know what the problem actually is seems to me to be second cousin to his not having the least idea that most people see him as having all the tact and timing of a Cape buffalo. Someone self-aware wouldn't, for example, burst into his adult daughter's bedroom and boast about how great someone who was forced to testify in court is and how someone who can't drop things at will ain't.
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