dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Erroneously-Anticipated Violence Conjecture.

The very interesting thing about watching Elizabeth react to having done something wrong is having to watch Elly's being completely baffled by the fact that for some reason that eludes her, the reason Liz quotes for not fessing up as quickly as possible is her fear of being spanked. We know that neither she nor John would lay a hand on her because unlike a boy, their daughter has feelings that can be hurt so Mike gets his ass tanned for blinking funny while Liz could kill someone and just get a time out.

The reason that I mention this is that when Speedfreak McRichidjit vents his aggressive impulses by zooming around the passenger side of a stopped school bus and plows into John's Little Red Overcompensationmobile, Elly spends entirely too damned long either expecting to get slapped around or yelled at because she wants to 'feel better' by being subjected to the violence she either inflicts or wishes to inflict on people who mildly inconvenience her. Since she doesn't want to admit that John is more pissed off at Beardsly McLonghair for smacking into his joywagon than at her for getting smacked into, we get crap like what we're in for in four weeks' time.

We can thus turn this right back round on Lizardbreath and reveal her to be what she is: someone too timid to act on an impulse towards mayhem inflicted on people who make her feel like the pathetic drone she is.
Tags: freefloating commentary, one big oblivious family

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