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The looniness of the short-distance runner.

Of course, the other odd thing about Elly's habit of jogging is that since it's a way of having time to talk to Connie without kids or husbands getting in the way, it's one of the few things that she actually appears to have stuck to. She might gasp for breath because of a lung condition she doesn't know she has thanks to Jim's valuable friend Mr Butts. She might hate getting up really early in the morning to make the time to do it. She might dismiss any sort of medical evidance about how all dieting does is mess up the metabolism as fake news. She might even treat herself to a purpose-defeating snack to tide her over afterwards but she still jogs.

The reason that this matters is that she lost her job at the library but she still jogged and complained about how she wants more of an identity than "Mom'. She lost what little affiliation she might have with the weekly paper she interned at but as long as Connie is next door, she still jogged. She made vague noise about how she would have liked to go back and get her degree but since there were computers, she couldn't. She made a mess of the bookstore by running it her own stupid way and she still jogged. Her daughter embarrassed her and failed to give poor Kortney a chance and she still jogged and whined to Connie. She had to give up pretending to run Lilliputs and she still jogged. She decided sight unseen that since April was the advanced age of sixteen, she and John had completed parenting her and she still jogged because Connie was there.

This tells me two things. The first thing is that if Connie made good on her promise to wait out the clock in Arizona after the Settlepocalypse, Elly stopped jogging and said it was Connie's fault because her lack of stamina is not her fault. The second thing is that her refusal to admit that a mother is a child's first teacher means that she can't connect her blowing crap off if it becomes a hassle to Mike's whining that since she'd made trumpet lessons a punishment, he wanted to quit at once and thus stop being miserable all the time.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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