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The Moving Passion: On Phil's Endgame.....

As you know, we're at the final stage of Phil's moving into his new house and, boy howdy, does he ever look bad doing it. He might have married a woman who isn't quite aware of how to pack items so they don't get smashed in transit without his own looking like a callous, thoughtless jerk who brainlessly subjects her to misery because she complains about his idiocy. Most people who read this end up hating the man who inspired him....which appears to have been what Lynn intended in the first place. This is because when this was first drawn, her mother was in the last stage of dying of lung cancer and her and Alan's dad wasn't doing so good himself and, well, Lynn started to act the way she always seems to have and declared any form of decorum that got in the way of her screaming about the cruel injustice of being told what to do and what NOT to do all the time was cruel and unfair and bad.

I should think that Alan had had a belly-full of her endless beefing growing up and really hated the idea of living in a future in which his older sister would stand around hollering about how no, there shouldn't be respect for dead people who angered her and said as such. It was bad enough that she was never going to get what she wanted (knowing her, that was a grovelling apology for ever setting limits on the behaviour of a defiant nincompoop who doesn't admit to baked-in self-loathing) without being told that she had it pretty good and also, people's bad behaviour should be buried with him. Since Alan was all about that, Phil ended up being a jerk. Since Mervyn was also about that, we ended up looking at an old man yelling Boxcar.
Tags: lynn versus common decency

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