dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The hidden subtext of a dented fender, Part 1

The annoying thing about having to watch the strip is that Lynn appears to take out her frustration at not being immediately super-competent at something she wants to do and her rage that her poor work habits fail to yield results by maligning people with real-world competence. This is why she depicted her canoe-building musician younger brother as a haplessly inept outdoorsman whose idea of moving musical instruments puts on in mind of the video for "Close To The Edge" by Art Of Noise in which the band destroy musical instruments while a small child punches the wreckage after they move on.

She also consistently depicts John as a frustrated time-server of a dentist who hates his patients because she's an inept dental assistant who viewed the able-bodied women who did their jobs without throwing a fit about being 'barked at' as a harem trying to steal Rod from her. This not really liking his path in leaf is the leafy-green background in which Elly's paranoid and exaggerated dread of his reaction to Velocity Boy leaving a crater in the passenger side of his ride blooms so outrageously. As I'll try to prove next time, Liz gets the anticipation of male mayhem from her mother; having John be just generally dissatisfied makes the punch he had no idea he was supposed to throw and still doesn't all the more fearsome.
Tags: elly on her cross, john versus his career

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