dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why being angry with her makes Elly feel better.

Things come to a head in the accident arc when, after a promised screaming match, John waves the accident off as the non-event it kind of is. He knows that Elly had no idea Richidiot McSpeedfreek was going to smash into her and is kind of traumatized by it. What he doesn't realize is why it was that Elly had the baffling need to be blamed and hated because it doesn't make sense that she wants him to call her stupid.

It's like she can't make up her mind whether she wants him to call her fat. He does know that it's difficult to convince her that's just her warped self-image that puts ten pounds that ain't there on her but he can't convince her and he can't jolly her into admitting she still looks a lot like the woman he married only that she's more panicked looking and stooped over without getting crockery winged at him. This is because he doesn't see that she wants her feelings to be taken seriously. If that means that being reassured means that she and her opinions are horseshit, to her, that's what it means and he probably should spend more time in his shed.
Tags: elly also lives in a world of demons, elly on her cross

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