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Therese as mother image and what that means for Liz.

One thing that I can't help but notice is that Elly looks like her mother, thinks like her mother and reacts to things in much the same way her mother does but doesn't like the idea of being much like her mother because they were too similar to get along and because Marian set her daughter to a higher standard than her son (probably because she thought it was his wife's job to civilize him). The reason that I mention this is that a lot of the reason that she and Liz aren't close as people is that Elly looks, thinks and acts like her mother and sets Liz to a higher standard because (despite the fact that she'll never tell John or herself this) she thinks it's Deanna's job to get Mike up to code.

The reason that I mention this is that Liz grew up fearing having limits set on her behaviour by a reproving jerk who seems to want her to be miserable and alone all the time. In Elly's case, that meant getting her MRS degree PDQ because she's convinced herself that Marian's wanting her to get her BA meant that she would die old and alone and forgotten because of course her mother hates her, she tells her what to do all the time, doesn't she? In Liz's case, this appears to have taken the form of taking an instant and incurable dislike to someone who bossed her and told her where she should go and also tried to turn a 'friend' against her by making him grow up and grow away from her. If she wanted a lecture about how she isn't allowed to win, she already has one mother and wants very much to banish what she probably sees as a stand-in for Elly from her friend's life.
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