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The missing "T" and the lost room....

It would seem that Lynn has an ex to grind and bury in the backs of the hotel industry owing to how she makes John look as if he's going to be a threat to Elly's person. Next Wednesday's strip just flat out says that Elly half-way expects to get her ass kicked for getting his car smashed and we have to make him angry at something to make that valid. What makes John angry is that somehow or other, the hotel doesn't have his name on file and they treat him rather shabbily and this gets him pissed.

My guess is that what we're looking at is her being a poor sport about being called "Mrs JOHNSON" instead of Mrs Johnston all the time. It's an easy mistake to make especially given a nasty and stupid habit people have gotten into of late: blindly trusting whatever the computer tells them. It's more than likely that some data entry clerk typed his name in wrong and the clerk is too naive to perhaps think that "Paterson" and "Patterson" are the same man. Eventually, someone would compare notes and John would get a form letter asking for his understanding and also to please accept a voucher of some sort to make up for their mistake. Also, this would mean that Michael is going to spend the rest of his life reminding people how his name is spelled.
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