dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Pet grooming: the zits and vacuuming of the pre-April era.

As you know, someone decided long ago to refer to inconsequential arcs treated far too seriously as "zits and vacuuming strips" owing to a lot of noise being made about not all that much when it would make more sense to focus on stories people would want to see. The reason that said arcs are so annoying is not just that we waste time on a non-issue when a more important story goes untold but also that Lynn's excuse that she only has thirty second to tell a story is made an even more blatant lie that it would otherwise be. If she has time to show April freak out because she has a pimple or Elly go nuts doing the housework, she jolly well had the time to do something not toher tastes and tell us what Georgia's birth name might be or how exactly she did meet Phil and so on and so forth.

The reason that I mention this now is that it seems obvious that before April came along, Lynn had to do something else to waste time that wasn't having Liz stand around looking stupid when confronted with common-place situations and that something was harp on how Farley is a big, stupid, filthy moron who they 'love' anyway. This comes up in the first part of next month when he goes to the pet groomer and gets messy again before John sees him. Eventually though, Lynn no longer had a pet to draw inspiration from so she drew on her past of losing her shit because the benzoyl peroxide train got derailed again.
Tags: farley: chew toy of fate

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