dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Genre Awareness Failure

As you know, one of the things that I found not the best about FBorFW was Lynn's trying to have it both ways. She wanted them to be real or to be cartoons depending on her mood and you just can't do that. If there are real consequences to violence in one strip, you simply can't have a Big Ball Of Harmless Violence just to make things funny and she never bothered learning that. The reason that I mention this is that we're currently dealing with another manifestation of her trying to have her cake and eat it with this accident plot.

This is because it heralds in a sitcom story about a plucky sitcom mom who, having been threatened with being run over by the wheels of justice because a rich, powerful man wants to blame her for the accident manages to win over the judge with a dime store diagram of the collision. We know what's going to happen because we remember old sitcom episodes that were civics classes in disguise but Elly doesn't because she thinks she's living in the real world. It's like how Mike doesn't understand that he's not in the genre of story he thinks he is. He thinks he's living in a world of Very Special Episodes about him and his chums when he's actually in a slice-of-downbeat life story about a harried housewife.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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