dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Pardon me, Foob....Is that the Patternooga choo-choo?

As we all know, we're about six months away from John taking a really keen interest in model trains. The way this habit was introduced is that we have the man standing around moping as if the Sun were about to die because (cue horror music sting), he'd turned forty that year and was too young to be that old. That pissed me off no end because six months beforehand, my mother had passed on after dying gruesomely of liver cancer and having him wail about perhaps eventually being the fifty-five she never got to see just got on my nerves. In any event, he'd talked himself into buying a model train set to feel like the kid he's really always going to be.

The reason that I mention this display of immaturity is that it seems to me that he's subconsciously trying to find a really neat toy that his wife really won't like so that he doesn't have to share and thus risk having it get broken. He'd learned from the Pervrett incident that she might just see herself as being comfortable behind the wheel of a fancy car but he might think that she wants to see herself as being too old to play with real toys and this means that his passion will be safe from harm. He should know better but since he's an idiot, he kind of deserves to have his train set vandalized ten years from now.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, train man

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