dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"What's buggin'you guys?": the self-awareness deficit of the adolescent Mike.

Every so often, it occurs to me that not all of the characters spend the same amount of time in each of Lynn's eras. As I said long ago, it always felt as if it took Michael the longest to transition from being the dumb kid who wanted to fit in and have people like him so badly that he got sweet talked into making an idiot of himself time and again to what he is now; a gloomy fuck-up who's too stupid to understand what he's doing to torpedo his credibility and too damned sensitive to the lesser peril of people judging him harshly for what his parents and sister do.

This, I think, is why his middle years began the second after he got pissed off at Martha for being a real person with real needs instead of a fantasy he didn't have to share with his friends and parents. Before, he was the dumbass with his head stuck under a counselor's foot while afterwards, he was the pea-brain who needed Martha's father's foot up his ass. This would be bad enough if he didn't take being an oblivious goit too dim to understand why people are pissed with him home with him. We spend the next five years watching the dodo double down on being a shit to people for the very stupid reason that he thinks that they're why he's a joke.
Tags: mike: rebel without a brain, the middle years

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