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Objects of affection

Today's strip featured Robin getting sentimental about his old crib. It looked as if he was saying farewell to a loyal friend or something. This is because the Pattersons have the bizarre habit of forming stronger emotional bonds with things, with inaminate objects that can't really love them back, than they do with the people around them. We've seen:

- John and his disturbing love-affair with model railroading. He's so in love with his toys, the concerns of his future layout took precedence over the feelings of his child.

- Elly and her brand-spanking-new furniture.

- Mike and how the need to rescue his laptop (when he didn't have to) came before his own safety and the needs of his family.

- Deanna and her sewing room. The children's need to be separated was delayed as long as it was because it conflicted with her plans to have her child-free alcove.

- Liz and Anthony Caine. (Nostache has no soul and he can't be accused of living so he fits nicely into my premise.)

- Meredith and Super-Teddy Mark 2

About the only person who seems to stand out is April. Aside from her worries about the final custody of Jim's beloved harmonica, she seems more inclined to love people than things. Too bad that they take this as a sign they're something wrong with her.
Tags: one big oblivious family

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