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The grooming arc and how it foreshadows Farley's death.

As we know, we're hip deep in yet another very stupid arc in which Elly gets all flustered because she and her idiot family are simply too dumb to remember to keep Farley from wandering around loose. No matter how many times they appear to learn that they have to keep him from roaming around, it never actually manages to stick.

This time around, the plot is set in creaking motion by (as one could expect) Mike being a brainless failure and letting Farley play in the ravine behind the house so his coat can get burrs and twigs and other debris caught in it. Since Elly applies the same sort of muscular aggression to brushing him out to her children, the dog struggles to get out of her clutches and she blows sixty bucks on a groomer only to set herself up to fail yet again. What happens is that when she gets home from the pet groomers', she gives Connie a lift and leaves her children to supervise the dog. Since they're nitwits, they leave the door wide the Hell open yet again and, you guessed it, Elly has to be lectured to about accepting the fact that dogs are 'fated' to be dirty but we love them anyway.

The reason that I mention this is that in a few years' time, the combination of the Pattersons being too stupid to keep track of their dog and their kids, Elly setting herself up to fail by yacking at Connie and a child being a shock horror PSA about the heartache of fetal alcohol syndrome combine and end up killing Farley in that damned ravine. Why it is that Elly doesn't remember that the ravine is a magnet for stupid children and dogs is a mystery. Why April comes across as having a baked potato for a brain is a mystery. What's not a mystery is that when those ingredients combine, the result is a freaking disaster.
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