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Setting a good example and other forms of enslavement.

I think that it's telling that the reason why Elly is so angry that her doomed chance to be praised by John for doing the right thing is that for all intents and purposes, Elizabeth is being punished for doing what she thinks she's supposed to do. She had no idea that she wasn't supposed to let Farley out because Elly put the note telling her to keep him inside where it would do the least good. A sane, sensible person would remember that one has to spoon-feed the tinies because they don't really know better and it's no good screaming at them as if they do. Sanity, knowledge and common sense get in the way of trusting in fate and faith so we get screaming about Elly about how "remembering that one has to make sure that ignorant children who don't actually know what you're talking about do what you want because left to their own devices, they won't" means "selfish children only pretend to be completely frigging ignorant because they're mean and cruel and want to destroy me because I'm a stupid clown who confuses a sitcom writer's horror monster idea of what a child is with the genuine article."

The reason that I mention this is that if she had managed to keep Farley clean, one of two disappointing things would have happened. The first disappointing thing is that John would have looked at him and said "shaving him down would have been cheaper because keeping him looking like this is going to cost a mint" while the second is that Elly would have ended up with the job of making sure that he never got dirty. Not thoughtlessly letting him roam out like they were in the middle of the woods instead of a suburb would mean to her that the dog had become her boss and she would just have to lump it. Since that's why she lets him outside all the time in the first place, it would take about, oh, a day or so before she abandoned the idea because it was too much like work.
Tags: elly patterson: idiot pet owner, elly patterson: moron parent

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