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Foob and Order: Stupid Victims Unit.

Now that we're about to watch Elly fight off that parking ticket, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you my opinion of said arc. What I see when I look at this is a woman who has no real idea of what's actually happening to her. Elly thinks that Pervrett is trying to get what she calls the district attorney (because she's ignorant of Canadian legal terms and so doesn't know that she's defaming a crown prosecutor or that instead of The People versus her, it's the crown versus her) to assign all the blame for the accident to her because she watches too much American television. This blinds her to the fact he isn't getting the State to roll over a poor old woman because he's also contesting the ticket but wants the Man to make someone else pay. What's actually happening is that both of them are being charged with committing the same moving violation and are haggling about what percentage of blame is to be assigned but Elly is incapable of seeing this so hears "R. vs Patterson and Pervrett" as "Pervrett v Patterson".

The title of proceeding of a criminal case. The 'R.' stands for Regina or Rex, which are the Latin words for Queen or King. The 'v.' stands for versus, but it is often read aloud by using the term "and" instead.)

This, I should think, struck the magistrate presiding as a colossal waste of time. He would rather be fishing than watch a rich moron who brought his daddy's lawyer with him to fight a parking ticket get into a low-grade pissing contest over a traffic ticket....especially since it looks as if PC Plod only wrote the damned thing up because he has a thing against men with long hair and women drivers. Since the constable in question didn't even bother to show up, it wasn't worth the court's time to act on the case so he shrugged and moved on to something that actually mattered. Elly regards this as a triumph because she doesn't know that the System had no dog in her fight with Velocity Lad.
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