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Foob and Order: The Torrents Of Chickening Out.

To continue on from my previous post, I think that there's a fact that escapes us because we're busy focusing on how many factual errors Lynn may have made or whether they were intentional. What we don't notice at first is that Elly's ignorance of how the court system works is so profound, it comes as a shock to her that a courtroom is a public venue in which people are permitted to watch her contest the traffic ticket she sleptwalked her way into getting. This tells us something we probably should have known going in.

Said should-have-been known known is that Elly had a very odd idea of what was supposed to happen. She appears to have believed that she would show up with her little arts and crafts project looking all clean-cut while Pervrett would look like her idea of the dregs of society and they would hash it out with the judge. Since he looked like her idea of the breakdown of society, the judge would probably forcefeed him his licence while apologizing to her for taking him seriously and all would be well and no one would have to watch it happen.

What happens instead is that Elly's fear of public humiliation combines with her ignorance of how things actually work to make her look like a pathetic nitwit blundering her way through a self-induced disaster. It also makes John look like someone living in active dread of her talking her way into a contempt of court beef because she insulted the judge because he didn't see the point of horsewhipping someone for having a rich daddy.
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