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Portrait of the artist as a young sphinx

The interesting thing about the Middle Years is that while John hasn't changed his opinion about the BAD ATTITUDE Mike allegedly has because he's not a grinning fucking robot brainlessly eager to do yardwork, Elly changes why he's a bad kid who hates all the love in her great big heart. This is because instead of being thumpingly forthright about why his life stinks, he, as a ploddingly normal teenager, feels that it's his duty never to volunteer information to the enemy his parents have become.

This is because we're dealing with that annoying period in which the child who implicitly trusts his parents becomes the adolescent who, having noticed Mommy and Daddy have feet of clay, have not much compassion or sympathy for them because he thinks that he's the first person to discover this. When they finally upgrade the man's firmware by installing common sense, he stops resenting them for being people like himself but, man, is it ever a pain to have to deal with at the time.

Given that Elly (and John) are hilariously full of shit and lacking in self-awareness, it should come as no surprise that she plays the "But That's DIFFERENT" card when Marian points out that it took months to find out what was bothering her as a child and that her lack of communication infuriated her as much as Mike's does to Elly. She had actual problems while Mike has a life of ease and bliss because he doesn't have a domineering petty tyrant breathing down his neck lecturing non-stop and Marian can jolly well stop smirking and rolling her eyes when she says that.
Tags: elly versus admitting she's like marian, mike versus admitting he's like elly, mike versus elly

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