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On spectacles and Martian princesses

The interesting thing about this year is that it's the last one in which Lynn makes Liz the focus of the toddler humour that she thinks that it's her job to supply. This is because this time next year, Liz will spend pretty much the rest of the strip filled with anxiety about her place in her parents' hearts because Elly makes the same stupid mistake she made with Michael and blows off any sort of inconvenient concern that the old child might have about being replaced with the new one and John is no help either because he won't do emotions.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn's agreeing not to make Mike look stoopid in glasses by having Liz wear them was sort of a teaser for the girl she'd be for the rest of the strip: a needy, insecure and slightly immature little thing who behaved as if the world were conspiring to make her life awful and have her die alone, forgotten and exploited by people who don't know that there can be only one friend at a time. This leads to Liz making the same stupid mistake Mike did when she came along: being pissed off at April for asking to be born so she could steal Liz's teenage years. This is stupid because the person doing so isn't the kid: it's the moron parent who thinks that of course, siblings are put on this Earth to watch their younger ones and they should know that and stop acting like it's a big burden.
Tags: liz versus april, liz: whining martyr, the middle years

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