dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly versus holiday magic.

As you know by now, I think that most of the problems Elly makes for herself and others are based on her inability to quite understand what an adult actually is. From what I've seen, she has spent every waking second since she left her parents' home transfixed by the assumption that if she's seen to smile and take it easy and not make every damned little thing into a huge crisis blown out of any sort of proportion, she won't be what she thinks an adult is because she's too damned dense to understand who her mom is. Her mother had the thankless task of trying to mould one of the stupidest, whiniest and most short-tempered children on the face of the Earth into a functioning member of society and what Elly took away from it all is that grown-ups can't be seen to smile or laugh because she's not especially bright and tends to play post hoc ergo propter hockey like a boss.

What this all means is that whenever we see Elly stand around howling about how much work she has to do and how little people care and how much temptation is put in her way and how early Christmas is and how greedy and grasping kids have gotten, the dozy prat clearly seems to think that it's what she's supposed to be doing. What worsens this is her lack of self-awareness. She 'knows' that she's supposed to piss and gripe and moan but she doesn't want to because she's kind of schizophrenic. She wants to be happy but she also doesn't want to be happy because she looks down on happy people and her kids model themselves on her so this means that I can say the same damned thing about Lizardbreath for the same stupid reason.
Tags: elly on her cross, holidazed pattersons

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