dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The joys of sitting until numb: the 2019 edition.

Every so often, it occurs to me that it's probably for the best that Lynn doesn't want to speculate as to what's been happening to her characters in the ten and a half years since we last saw them. This is because it seems highly likely that Elly is dealing with a rather tragic dramatic irony that no doubt is perceived as a cruel trick played upon her by an unkind fate. Said irony is that after seventy years of complaining that she wanted her own space and her own apartment to follow her own pursuits, she's probably a widow living in the complex Jim lived in before his stroke trying to figure out what happened to her.

It probably baffles her where the time went and why she can't seem to remember any of the magic events her children keep talking about when they discuss the good old days...especially since none of their stories ever seem to include her as a participant. All she seems to be cast as is a noisy, unreasonable and unjust hindrance who lurks in the background only to spring out at random in order to destroy their happiness because she hates being disturbed by happy family life. It never seems to occur to the Elly in the stories to ask what the stakes are or who's in the right because the real crime is prying her off her chair. The reason it baffles her is that not only does she not remember the events in question or what she was doing, her life appears to have passed by her in a sort of blur of moving bodies and children and husbands who age in a heartbeat. She wonders if she might have the memory problems that plagued Mira Sobinski but the fact is that you have to do something memorable to remember things. Elly didn't so it's like she left her parents' home and WHAM!!!, she's an old lady looking back at a past that is starting to solidify into something that almost looks like her throwing a fifty year long tantrum.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, anyone wanna buy a used future?

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