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The eleventh year of the non-surprise ending and its joys.

As I type this, I do so in the knowledge that there are still people who follow the strip in the newspapers who probably don't think far enough head to remember that this is the year wherein everything changes for the family when Elly ends up being pregnant at 39 years of age. It will come as a complete shock to them because they want to believe in a narrative that doesn't actually exist about Lynn telling the real story of the family. Any people still lingering on her Facebook page will marvel at something that they could have predicted on their own by buying "What...Me Pregnant?" at a used book store.

The reason that I mention is relates to another narrative they were encouraged to believe back about ten or so years ago: the somewhat specious narrative of Liz and Anthony as star-crossed lovers cruelly denied chance after chance at happiness. This belief that it would be a miracle if the two of them were to marry blinded them to the fact that said miracle looked a damned sight more like a foregone conclusion and made them quite cross at people who wanted to either spoil things, jinx things or whatever for saying that "Have Liz and Anthony get married" was at the top of Lynn's to-d- list. The oddest thing about that is that Lynn acted as if she were one of the people most astonished by something she planned.
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