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The emphasis conjecture

Every so often, it occurs to me that the most accurate portrait  of who Lynn is as a person in the strip is the younger Elizabeth. While Lynn likes to pretend that she was this devil-my-care figure who did battle with the dragons of suburbia, her current and on-going dread of directly confronting anyone paints a picture of someone a lot like timid little Lizzie. It doesn't take much effort to turn Lizzie's little island wherein she can hide from all of the frightening things and people of the world (which is to say most things and most people) into Lynn's fantasy capsule. The reason that I mention is that both of them share the same tendency towards literal-mindedness that kind of hampers them.

The reason that I mention this is that Elly's inability to really respect Anne going forward might be due to her not really understanding what she heard when Anne said things like "What's wrong with ME?" or "Am I facing a competition with my own husband?" because she doesn't understand what emphasis is. A charitable person might think that Anne is trying to say "Steve wouldn't know a diamond if he held it in his hand!!" or "What the fuck is that bastard thinking cheating on me?! We have three kids, for Christ's sake!!!" but poor, dim Elly takes her friend's words at face value and loses all respect for her. It's like how Liz doesn't understand what Gary and Viv said when they said it wasn't their business what Paul was doing. Liz thought it was their job to wade into a domestic like morons when the fact is that they were telling her it was on her to keep him from straying. 
Tags: elly versus understanding what she hears

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