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Gender Awareness Failure and the Patterson children's love lives.

Of course, the interesting thing about all of this business with the idiotic way Michael treated Martha and the upcoming atrocity that is Elizabeth being oblivious to Anthony's crush on her is that if this were a television program, the characters who portrayed Liz and Mike would be justified in making sarcastic remarks about how they should probably trade story arcs. This is because it makes no sense at all for Michael to compose awkward love notes to Martha only to ask her to tear them up because he's afraid that if people see him passing notes to a girl in public, he'll be blackballed by the other girls in the Angora Debs for being forward. We should be seeing Elizabeth doing that sort of thing with Anthony. Similarly, what we should have been doing is yelling "Hey, Stupid! Martha's throwing herself at you! That's right...just shrug, walk away, say that isn't flirting and when you're thirty, you'll be consumed with regret!!" when he says "Sometimes, I think that Martha McRae really likes me. Then again, I do have an over-active imagination so it could be that the look on her face is her trying to figure out who The Peacock is on Masked Singer" instead of watching Liz not notice Anthony at all.

The reason that I mention this is that it speaks to a long-term problem that Lynn appears to have: an inability to quite understand how people actually think and what they'd do in a situation. It seems obvious in retrospect that she cut herself off from any sort of feedback because she was sick of people telling her that Mike and Weed looked more like lovers than friends because she's sick of being told that she's kind of bad at portraying anything she isn't actively experiencing. This means that Mike and Liz have the wrong arcs because their creator can't decipher what she sees right in front of her and makes hilariously bad guesses.
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