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Farley and the unnecessary diet.

As you know, we are about to embark about yet another reminder that the Patterson family have never had any business having pets. While the eventual payoff is a reminder that Liz doesn't want to deal with him when it's not fun, the reason we're reminded that she's bad at dealing with Farley is because of Elly's insistence on believing something not the case. In this instance, she won't hear anything that contradicts her lunatic assumption that Farley needs to be put on a diet to starve him into wanting to eat a food he doesn't want to eat.

The reason that she believes this stupid, stupid idea is, of course, quite simple when you remember who she is: someone at pains to avoid admitting to being stupid, negligent, oblivious and inattentive. Her children know that Farley will not eat anything people don't eat because we remember that while she was off somewhere with her eyes closed and her snout in the air lecturing people about how if he won't eat what she's willing to give him, he can't possibly be hungry, her and the others' carelessness caused him to expect to be fed whatever it is that they happen to be eating at any given time. When you remember all the times he got loose to roam around the neighbourhood like a big, lumbering goof because it was too much like work to think about what he was doing, you can look at Liz stand there yelling "STOOPID DOG!!!" because she brainlessly took him off his lead because it was easier than doing things right and assume that there's a semi with his name on it. The only reason he didn't get hit by a car because they didn't think is because he had a fatal heart attack because they didn't think.
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