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The oncoming storm and how she relates to Farley off of the leash.

As we know, the disappointing denouement to this arc has Liz learn for what shouldn't have been the first time that Farley's getting scooped up by Animal Control or being insufficiently nimble to get out of a junkyard is an anomaly. Usually, he wanders around, gets into all kinds of horribly preventable mischief and wanders back to the porch to be let in. There is one further exception which I am about to get to and it relates to the rather appalling punchline to Saturday's strip in which Elly reminds us that she not only has no idea what happens when she's not watching, she also has a mental lapse that makes her assume that where she last saw a child or a pet is where he, she or it is. Always and ever is she horrified and confused by the fact that dogs and kids move around of their own accord when she stops looking at them.

What makes this all so ironic is that for some reason, the homepage is promoting the Hell out of the animated version of April's origin story, A Storm In April. As I probably explained long before elsewhere, the thing starts with Elly getting over-confident about taking April to the library only to have Commander Bring-Down try to remind her that children tend to wander off and get into things despite what seems to her unshakable belief otherwise. Elly makes a dismissive comment about how other people have her back in the unlikely to her event that April will wander off when she's not looking at her and, well, April gets into trouble that gets Elly into trouble because as Susan and Monique say, kids don't just sit there like sacks of wet cement when Mommy stops looking at them. This is followed by an ice storm, Elly and the gang reminding each other of the child's birth and The Delicate Genius making a stupid comment about how April fools all of them.

The reason that I mentioned that is that it ties into the third time Farley didn't come home: the time when he died under a tree of a heart attack saving April after she wandered off when Elly wasn't paying attention. What makes Elly hard to forgive is that she was the only one who did not immediately fear that she'd gravitated to the stream to half-way drown because it never occurs to her that children and pets move when she ain't watching. This is why she never really bothered getting a better latch: she thought that when she stopped looking at April, the kid froze into place!!!
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