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Ellypatra, Queen Of Denial.

As you might know by now, I've long had the suspicion that the insane, over-the-top messes that the kids make aren't simply symptoms of Lynn's unlovely habit of going overboard with a joke without considering the consequences. My guess is that maybe in a way, her characters do speak to her a little in that Elly's tendency to exaggerate how bad her life is Lynn's tendency to do the same. She subconsciously overestimated the level of crud over the years because Elly's emotional truth is her emotional truth.

The reason that I mention this is that we're about to be treated to yet another arc of Elly mau-mauing the shit out of Michael because he displays emotions that inconvenience her. She wants a boy with a big, plastic grin on his face and when she gets the moody kid that everyone else has, she bolts over to Connie for an hour or so of support for her insane delusion that she's being backed into a corner by an unstoppable monster child bent on her destruction....which is what she's been saying since he was five for much the same damned reason. I remember a Sunday strip that had him react very badly to frustration and ask for a hug to make him feel better. Elly didn't want to oblige because she felt as if she shouldn't "reward bad behaviour" or some such nonsense only to be baffled by how normal people behave.

This means one thing to me: Elly doesn't like to understand how normal people behave. Understanding how people react to stress means that she might be a stress that they're reacting to. Understanding that she's a stress that they're reacting to means that she isn't loving, fair, firm or kind and she doesn't like being reminded that she's just another bored out of her mind housewife taking out her petty frustrations on anyone who isn't fast enough to get out of the way. That way lies realizing how much time was wasted crying about nothing and how much was lost in her personal life. She doesn't want to admit that the only person stealing time out of her life is herself because people don't generally do that.....
Tags: elly also lives in a world of demons, elly patterson: moron parent

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