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Laundrygeddon, Son Of Messageddon

Of course, the real fun of any arc in which Elly stands around complaining about the messes her family makes is not anticipating the feeling of emptiness she feels when she does have a tidier house. The real fun is how insanely over-the-top the messes her children made are. For some reason, Lynn can't simply draw a mildly untidy bed or a jacket hung sloppily or a candy wrapper inches from a garbage bin. Lynn needs to exaggerate the messes for comic effect for the same silly and irritating reason that she loads a panel up with useless, unnecessary and distracting non-sound effects like "SWEEP! SWEEP! SWEEP!" or "CHOMP! CHEW! GLUT! SHLOOOK! SHLOOOORRRRRRRP!": she doesn't trust her audience enough to know what's going on. Similarly, almost every time we see Elly, she's carrying an overloaded laundry basket as if it's her badge of office or something.

The reason that I mention this is that in his last letter, Michaael mentioned that the draw-cumentary about his family's life would be coming to an end fairly soon before wishing us well and telling us that even if we're never going to see it, his and his extended family's lives would go on. Lynn doesn't realize it but her act self-promotion allows the fungus people and basement dwellers to speculate as to how accurate the things we see are. If this is indeed the characters speaking to Lynn, can we not speculate that they might exaggerate or lie outright in order to look better? Could it not be that Elly is telling her that it feels as if she does a mountain of clothes EVERY DAY or has to clean up a municipal garbage dump even though that isn't the actual case. Why, her children might even be better behaved than she says they are only she's too fragile to deal with conflict.
Tags: lynn overreaches

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