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The Anthony blindspot perplex and Elly's past.

As you all know, Dawn and Candace had to tell Liz that Anthony was clearly sending out signals that he fancied her only for her to still be not quite sold. The interesting thing about Liz's seeming failure to notice the obvious is that when one examines the historical record, one finds that while she was off convincing herself that there wasn't a boy who cared two cents for her, she was also convincing herself that the pretty face in the mirror was that of a homely dweeb no boy actually should care two cents for. His omnipresence was thus an interesting coincidence because of course she'd have noticed something she didn't think was going to happen anyway.

The reason that I mention this is that once again, it occurs to me that since Liz has inherited her mother's self-defeating tendency to look in the mirror and see someone too hidea to really love (as well as the accompanying need to actively reject reassurance because being told that she's pretty 'means' that she and her feelings are horseshit), it seems to me that while she was pissing away her time on Colin, she'd totally ignored a boy who did actually like her. Given that Liz is a more placid neurotic who's really timid and Elly is a screaming loon who foams at the mouth when provoked, we could possibly be dealing with a situation akin to Ray Billingsley's Curtis in which Elly actively rejected the advances of a swell boy who liked her because he wasn't model handsome.
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