dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On opening the door for a rival

The most irritating thing about having to watch the strip is that Lynn's fondness for sitcom-style plotting meant that no matter what a person might learn, he or she doesn't retain it. Lynn liked that because it allowed her to tell variations on the same story over and over again. April was always on the verge of realizing that Becky wanted her friend back, Mike was always sort of learning that other people's feelings matter to them as much as his do to him and John and Elly learned to sort of appreciate the people in their lives and so on and so forth but something would happen to reset things for more pointless acrimony.

The reason that I mention this is that Lynn has undone whatever progress Gordon might have made with Allyson because she likes telling the story of a shlumpy looking guy throwing himself at a popular girl "who wouldn't know a good man if he bit her." What she doesn't realize is that by having Gordon not press whatever advantage he might have gained on Valentine's Day, he let his fear of how pretty Allyson is hold the door open for a boy he sees as a rival: Peter Kent. By doing what Gordon did not and talking to Allyson, he managed to undo whatever damage he did and also, since Gordon didn't do or say anything, Allyson probably thinks of him not as a potential love interest but as a gormless idiot who was helpful once.
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