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On myopia, both physical and mental

As we know, Elly does not want to admit that she married John as part of a plan to land herself a man and prove her mother wrong because she doesn't want to admit that when Marian wishes that she'd gotten her degree before marrying, she isn't actually saying "I want you to die alone, unloved and forgotten!!!"; she also doesn't want to admit that her children weren't born planning to plot her ruin just because she doesn't like there to be consequences to rushing in headlong without thinking that she doesn't like and also that she can't simply put the kids away in a glass box when she's tired.

The reason that I mention this is that we're coming up to the revelation that Elizabeth has always needed to wear corrective lenses. We know that the reason that it took so damned long is that the dumbass in the ponytail can't allow herself to be in the presence of her kids long enough to pick up on things like that lest she suffer the bullshit fake-ass no-way apocalypse of child-induced decerebration. Elly loves blaming her innate laziness and lack of stamina on anyone who ain't her so it's not a surprise that she wasted a shitload of her life bawling that her kids were making her forget to adult so it behooved her to bolt off to spend hours drinking coffee at someone else's house whining that pretending to be a mother was the worst martyrdom ever. That (and John's need to cower behind his paper because he can only interact with people when it's fun) meant that the poor girl slipped through the cracks until someone with common sense identified the problem.

Given who Elly is, her angry howling about how Liz's lack of smarts as to where she puts her eyeglasses really means that the wicked, cruel and heartless child wants to bankrupt the family (because the alternative is admitting that being Elly Patterson has never been the worst martyrdom EVER!!!! and thus being the melodramatic spoiled brat parents, kid brothers and classmates called her coming up) tells us that Elly's reaction to this is probably going to be that Liz didn't not know that she couldn't see because she doesn't want to admit how clueless her kids are really. It's not that Liz didn't ask for help because she simply had no other frame of reference and thought everyone needed to squint to see things clearly too, it's that Liz hid a problem to make Elly look bad and negligent.
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