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Two, four, six, eight, let's watch Elly overcompensate!

We're about a week away from Elly finally learning that Mike has for some length of time unknown to her had a girlfriend of sorts. Since she doesn't quite want to admit that this is the collision of two horrible trends that are contingent on the mostly bad character that Connie insists that Mike is testing to destruction (the first trait being her studied lack of curiosity as to what he gets up to when she's not looking at him and the second being his fear that she wakes up every day deciding how to destroy the happiness of this child she only had so she could have someone to torment), she tells herself and those around her that she wants to save Mike from himself by imposing a healthy boundary between him and this girl she thinks that he wants to impregnate so as to ruin everyone's lives (which is a reminder of her tendency to project her own doubts about being a mother on the blank-minded canvas of her teeming get).

The problem with that I have with that is that Elly (as always) isn't being honest about her real motives. Recently, howtheduck had this to say about her incessant fretting about how close he is to girls he doesn't see himself as spending nearly enough time with:

All those episodes with Martha and Rhetta where Elly tries to get control of the situation seem like the desperate attempts by a woman who knows that she has been doing almost nothing and decides to do something in a big way to make up for it.

Simply put, Elly knows deep down that her stupid belief that paying attention to what a child does, what he thinks, what he likes and what he wants somehow magically means that the child in question has enslaved her in his family politics has resulted in the oafish bonehead she can't get along with. She thinks that half-assed over-parenting in the here and now can make up for the half-assed non-parenting she did beforehand. If she listened to headache music, she would find that Steven Page and Ed Robertson wrote and performed a little ditty that seems to fit her situation: "Too Little, Too Late."
Tags: elly patterson: moron parent, elly versus martha

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