dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Did you ever see a dream of endless misery walking? Mike and Gordon did.

As you know, I'm in agreement with everyone who assumes that Liz and Anthony's married life is one of unquiet desperation owing to her being a spoiled brat who fears being held accountable for her own bad actions and his refusal to quite understand the mistake he made by falling in love with an illusion. Mike and Gordon have a lesser Hell to face at home because the people they married are damned good at pretending to be the freaks they think they're married to. (It should be noted that what really disqualified Rod is that he never actually was John and never actually pretended he was.)

The reason that I mention this is that I don't think that Martha or Allyson were that good at acting like someone they ain't. I'm sitting here trying to picture what Mike's marriage to Martha would look like based on the fact that what really unites them is that they hate all the same meaningless things and I come up with a picture of the same sort of sniping idiots Martha calls a mom and dad. At least it's not the sort of Hell Gordon would have faced by marrying a love-lorn nutcase who married too damned early because she didn't think that she'd get another chance. The end result of that sort of Hell spends her days sitting across a table from Connie Poirier telling her that she loves her children but she cannot like them.
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