dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Deanna and Elly: the identity syndrome.

In today's strip, we are left with a rather bizarre ending as Deanna lays claim to stuff Elly not only forgot but left to rot in a musty old crawl space. To Michael and probably to Elly herself it's simply a bunch of old junk that should be sorted through and mostly disposed of. It has no real value aside from the sentimental. To Deanna, on the other hand, it seems almost as if the same things Elly would look at, mutter "I wondered where those went" and go back to ignoring are holy relics because they were touched by Saint Elly herself. This is because it seems to me that Deanna is paying fealty to the figure of fantasy she has turned Sheet Shaver into. You see, she's always resented her mother for being somewhat heavy-handed as a parent. As a little girl, she noticed right off that Mike was 'allowed' a lot more latitude in how he spent his time and confused Elly's made-of-fail parenting style with a desire not to do 'too much'. Simply put, she wishes Mira were more like Elly and grew up wanting to be what she thought Lady Flapandhonk was. Mike's coming back into her life seems to her to have been a sign that Mira's reign of domination and control was over; she could and does enjoy the new age of freedom Potato-nose represents. Since she wants to become Elly, she'll never leave Mike. Too bad he's turning into Elly too.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, fifties icon deanna

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