dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Sofa Speculation.

The irritating thing about the lead-up to "John gets into model trains in a big way" arc is not that he doesn't bond with Keith Enjo or that Lynn can't imagine a hobby that isn't a destructive obsession that's all about running over other people like a jerk. What really irritates me is that yet again, we're forced to reminded of John's irritating habit of flopping down on the couch and making damned sure that his 'horrible' children stifle themselves because one of the things that they 'owe' Daddy is to let him monopolize couches and living rooms in isolation.....despite his having a bedroom with a door he can lock behind him.

Y'see, he can't do something anti-father like go into his own damned bedroom and lie down on his own bed or take a chair in and read the paper if he wants peace and quiet. That would mean letting the kids win to him. He wouldn't be a smart person retreating into a man cave, he'd be a defeated person letting his children dictate where he can sit down. The fun thing is that eventually, this bites him in the ass when he's forced to lie down in his room with a sore back. For some reason that baffles him, no one wants to wish him a speedy recovery and for some other reason that's equally confusing because the person who she's describing is not who he is, Elly is telling him that the kids see him as a distant figure that doesn't like to interact with his family unless it's somehow amusing.
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