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Elly Patterson: Murderer Of Curiosity.

Now, to be fair to Mike, it's not one hundred percent his fault that he has all the curiosity and imagination of a tub of grout. His inability to think of things to do without being prodded is not quite totally innate after all. It appears to be the direct result of Elly's belief that parenting should not require effort on her part of any sort. As I've said before, she is the sort of mother that my late mother described as a fool who thought that children were supposed to be little dummies that spend their days in a glass case. When children learn about the world, children make messes, children make noise, children interrupt their mother to ask questions and children make it quite clear that they don't see the world the way their mother does. The problem is that Elly quite clearly lumps all of those normal, harmless tendencies together in the category "unfair things" that she wishes would go away.

It doesn't take a very smart person to figure out that a melodramatic nitwit like Elly who, having fallen ass-backwards into a life most people would envy, stands around screaming like a banshee about how terrible her life is can't help but fail to be a terrible parent. When Mike made messes trying to figure out the world, Elly was there to bellow at the top of her lungs about how he was trying to destroy her. When Mike made noise, Elly teleported to whereever he was to threaten him with mayhem. When he asked her questions, she swatted him aside. When he disagreed with her blinkered vision of reality, he was accused of being a bad kid who no one could love because all he did was argue because he was BAD. When he didn't understand a subject or felt like he couldn't catch up, Elly either made sarcastic noise about his faking things or stood around acting as if being told that he needed encouragement most when he was angry was akin to his yelling HAIL HYDRA!!

Years of this have produced a person who simply can't imagine a fucking thing on his own because his mother gouged out his mind's eye because she's lazy and stupid. The sad thing is that this is seen as the inevitable consequence of standing against his mother.
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