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The distingushing characteristic of the Declining Years: Miracles!

What made For Better or For Worse so enjoyable in its first three eras was that Lynn kept things pretty much grounded in reality. The Early Years may not have been pleasant to look at but you could identify with the Pattersons' exploits. They may not have been the nicest family but they were real. The Middle Years saw the Pattersons grow into the role of a believable pillar of their community and the Later looked to be a transition period that would, at its end, see John and Elly hand things over to Mike and Dee to maintain the tradition of quiet respectabilty. Sadly, this has not occured. This is because the Patterson's adventures are no longer believable. We've seen:

- Mike and his family escape a fire more or less unharmed so that they may strong-arm John and Elly into giving them the Pattermanse.

- Mike being handed an amazingly generous advance out of the blue giving him the money to do it.

- A non-entity like Anthony actually getting to procreate.

- A wedding dress being in astonishingly good condition just waiting to be worn by Elizabeth.

- The Patterson children not ending up in the pediatric ICU given how stupid their parents are.

- A woman just happening to vacate a job in the city so Liz can be in Milborough to land her whinnicking invertebrateman.

- Mike not being sued for his cowardly depature from Portrait Magazine.

This is because in the Declining Years, Lynn has dispensed with having things make sense, prefering instead to rely on miracles to make her plot work. The result is that we wound up having to look at nasty people who do impossible things.
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