dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The backfiring punishment syndrome.

As you know, I think that John and Elly shot themselves in the foot by spending entirely too much time complaining about how much they hate work. It's damned difficult to understand how someone can spend most of their free time grousing about how big an armpit it is having to be gainfully employed can turn around and expect his son to be a grinning robot who's so happy to do dull, mechanical tasks that he risks overloading the pleasure centre of his brain without resorting to the idea that John is a dumb-ass who doesn't understand that actions have negative consequences.

Okay. So he is a dumb-ass who refuses to understand what blowback is. Thing is that he really God-damned married his own 'kind' when he and Elly got hitched. This is because of a tendency he himself has never been aware of nor wanted to become aware of: Elly's irritating and counter-productive habit of turning what most people would see as beneficial things to learn into cruel punishments. We've seen her turn apologizing for a misdeed into a punishment that had to be accepted because Liz was too weak to avoid it so it's not a surprise that she clearly behaved in a manner that suggested to Mike that picking up his room was her getting back at him for being young and not strong enough to avoid it. Since Elly is herself and not a person who reflects on past failings or accepts blame, it's pretty much a given that she doesn't understand that her antics produce the reverse of what she wants to achieve.
Tags: john and elly fail parenting forever

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