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Lynn versus the television series.

As you might recall, about twenty or so years ago, the animated specials led to a limited-run television series that appeared on a Canadian specialty channel called Teletoon. As one might expect, Lynn complained non-stop about the poor quality of the series and how they misrepresented the characters and the Pattersons' world. When one considers the fact that the adaptation of the Mike's summer job arc is much less irritating to have to behold and why, it's rather easy to see what Lynn's real problem with it is: Standards And Practices told them to edit out the worst of Lynn's eccentricities so that people didn't complain to the station.

First off, instead of the TV version starting with Mike turning into a violent and murderous lunatic, they led off with Mike as a generic sitcom goof getting a cheap laugh by pushing Lizardbreath's buttons before eavesdropping on the parents as they plan their kids' summer in advance. This leads to mildly annoying comic banter about his being a hot dog vendor and a sort of Canadian Content take on those Warner Bros cartoons from the fifties that had Elmer Fudd deliver an Economics 101 lesson. The payoff was that Liz, who had no idea that Mike is kinda sick of wieners, making supper: franks and beans. It's a much better experience than the source material....which is the problem. Lynn kinda took pride in the acrimony and asshattery and resented it being defused for the masses.
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