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On the animated specials and their common theme.

As you know, a lot of people had problems with the second FBorFW Christmas special. Actually, that is a lie. They only have the one problem with "A Christmas Angel" and it wears its hair in an unflattering bun because it thinks that the back of its head is flat somehow. The reason Liz feels like a burden that no one will miss is because Elly is not the Elly we get to see in the Teletoon series. Elly is the unadulterated Elly that Lynn wants her to be because she has the creative control she demands. That means that Elly is a pea-brained malcontent who sees Christmas as a horrible burden wherein she does all the work ever and no one will ever think to thank her or even deign to notice what she does. She is also the materialistic clodhopper who makes a big load of noise over a physical object and doesn't give a rip about what her beefing does to the poor child trying her fucking best to do seven contradictory things at once so a doughhead can beef about suffering at the top of her damned lungs like always.

The reason that I mention this is because at least two of the other specials are spurred on by an act of idiocy on Elly's part that she blames on the victim of her blind-eyed stupidity and refusal to heed warning signs. "A Storm In April" is prefaced by John making distant buzzing noises that sound like "Uh, Elly? You've noticed how small children have this odd tendency to move around despite your infantile belief that they are content to sit quietly where you plunk'em down, right?" only to have Elly stand around moaning in angered pain that for some reason that escapes her, naughty children do what naughty children do and move without her approval or permission while "The Good-For-Nothing" is all about Farley being on the outs because once again, Elly is pissed off that no matter how much she pleads or bargains or berates the dog, he isn't cowed into submission.

The other unifying theme is that Elly is not taken aside and told that her pet theories are not operative in the world in which we live nor does Elly calm down and apologize to the person or pooch she's peeved with. Instead, she is cowed into submission by a series of contrived coincidences that serve to shut her up momentarily and given dialogue that hints that once the warm glow of the miracle subsides, she'll be right back to screaming at everyone for failing her. This is why Lynn likes them better: Elly gets to be stupid and not answer for it.
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